Street Race Talk Episode 75 – The Memphis Street Outlaws Top Ten List

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  1. Hopefully you can be rolling around in Betsy soon, my car was running when I got it but it keeps breaking |D I've ended up naming it murpheys law cause of how much it breaks, good episode Sim, I already have a pretty good idea on what city you live in but I won't play the spoilers game. Good luck with Betsy man!

  2. i really wish Chief would pant that dam car!!! i mean seriously i know the doors are sentimental an all but at least make it a matt black or something

  3. sim… that split bumper would of walked his ass something went wrong… plus Memphis got there assess drug get real sim

  4. If ur goin by cash days results, then that mean Shane from tha 405 is one of the fastest cuz his goofy ass made the finals lmao

  5. The Memphis list confuses the shit outta me. Did Dennis sell his Mustang? Did Brian race Dennis' Camaro when they raced OKC? I 'try' to follow their Facebook page but it's just sooo confusing with their cars.

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