Street Outlaws vs Australia- Day 2 highlights with @187Customs @lutzracecarspgh @JustinSwanstrom69

Street outlaws vs Australia Day 2 highlights with @187Customs @lutzracecarspgh @FireballCamaro @JustinSwanstrom69 #racing #usa #2023 #noprep #chevrolet #dragrace #viral #viralvideo #npk #trending #trendingvideo @KyeKelleyRacing @duckerdragracingtv7016


  1. Well I just spoke to one of our drag strip's here in Aus asking about Street Outlaws Australia. The American production company has run rough shot over our pathetic track managers. That's why it $100 to get in and $35 for parking. Our tracks can't even advertise this event or can they sell tickets to the event at their own track.. Oh Street Outlaws MASSIVE FAIL. I WILL NOT BE ATTENDING MY LOCAL TRACK NOW DUE TO THIS BEHAVIOUR OF THE AMERICANS.. NOT THE RACES THE PRODUCTION CREW. Apparently there is alot of anger about this, Street Outlaws needs to grow, they need to come here. So why in the F did we not get a better deal. By we I mean OUR facilities.I will just wait for bootleg on youtube.. The production company won't see a cent out of me… I'd love to go but not after learning about their behaviour. 👎🖕

  2. Bums stay in Australia with them slow ass cars maybe the container ship captain will on the way home drop all that junk overboard except Reapers car at least he is real not a fake movie star

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