Street outlaws NPK: Kye Kelley Vs Jim Howe (round 2)


  1. And Ryan Martin with the threepeat congratulations to team fireball Thanks JJ for the races I will watch the finals then I will see you next season thank you

  2. Kye is my favorite driver, but let’s be honest, Ryan Martin absolutely without a doubt deserves the championship. He’s a class act and he has been the one to beat all season. Next season will be the real test for him though, several teams have gotten real fast the second half of the season

  3. Jim Howe Jr is cheating, everyone watch the exhaust coming out of the Zoomies, those colors don't lie. You can only make those colors when you are using nitro for fuel. (Btw NPK STREET OUTLAWS) will not allow racers to use nitro for their fuel… Jim has been using it, and they have tested his fuel for nitro, however he knew they were coming to test his fuel. Jim Howe Jr. Explain why your exhaust is shooting blue and red flames 4 ft out of the zombies oh and I guess that's why you guys fired a crew member this week because he was going to say something. Howe can't win races without cheating…..

  4. I think the whole thing is scripted now for sure and after the red lighting Ryan did earlier and losing earlier today. I’m deleting it from my DVR and not watch it again. I’m burnt out on it anyway.

  5. Im confused tho. And i follow closely. Ryan got Put out. So No points for him today. Last “Race” But Kye Also Loses. So of if Kye Would Have Won. What Would Have Happened? Kye Would Have Won this Season? He would have got that many points?

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