Street outlaws No prep Kings- Virginia- Invitationals round 2 (complete)

Round 2
0:00 intro
0:01 Giuseppe Vs Bobby Ducote
0:28 Dominator Vs Kyle Canion
1:33 Rich Bruder Vs David Gates
2:30Scott Taylor Vs Damon Merchant
3:40 Jim Howe vs Kayla Morton
4:58 Kye Kelley Vs Justin Swanstrom
6:04 Kallee Mills vs Axeman
7:00 Robin Roberts Vs Lizzy Musi

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  1. 2 things, Damon looked like he was shot out of a cannon, and it’s funny seeing all the 405 A-List racers on the sideline watching everyone else go rounds. 😎

  2. Kye team is dominating this event. Won’t be surprised if it’s not a Team Kye final. Axman, Howe is also fast but first 2 rounds Kye Kelly is running out of there life. It helps when ur car is aerodynamic which most cars are. The cars that are not that aerodynamic are not going beat the ones that are.

  3. Man David Gates looks fast with that new Buck power under the hood. Kye with a completely brand new car goin rounds, he’s gonna be a big threat this season.

  4. Kye pulled his shoots on Justin because he was headed towards the centerline and didn’t want to cross and lose the race JJ. Watch your footage dude. He saw he was out on Justin and headed towards the line and would have lost if he kept going without pulling the shoots to stay in his lane because Justin never crossed.

  5. Why do they pull their chutes so early when other cars like top fuel dragsters would go through the whole quarter mile at 300 + miles an hour and be able to stop in time 😂😂😂

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