Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Hit National Trail Raceway for Friday Night Grudge Racing in 2022! RD2

Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline-fueled drag racing action, as the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings take on the National Trail Raceway for an unforgettable Friday night grudge racing showdown in 2022!

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This high-octane event brings together some of the biggest names in no prep drag racing, as they battle it out on the track in a fierce competition of speed, skill, and guts. Watch as the racers push their cars to the limit, burning rubber and leaving everything on the line in their quest for victory.

With no prep on the track, the stakes are higher than ever before. Anything can happen in this unpredictable and thrilling environment, as drivers face off in intense head-to-head races. You won’t want to miss a single moment of the action as the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings take on the National Trail Raceway in 2022!

So join us for this electrifying event, and witness the raw power and excitement of no prep drag racing at its finest. Get your engines revved up and your heart pumping, because this is one night of racing you won’t forget!

0:00 – Shawn Wilhoit vs. FRED
1:54 – Sherb Baker vs. Jim Teitge
3:11 – Mike Murillo vs. Dominator
4:28 – Dark Horse vs. Jackyll
6:19 – John Odom
8:27 – Larry Larson vs. Kayla Morton
10:20 – Brody Melton vs. Unkown
12:14 – Brandon James vs. Mike Bowman
14:04 – Stephen Brindle vs. Super Dave
16:22 – Bad Fish vs. Church Boys Racing
18:00 – Jeff Lutz vs. Murder Nova
19:51 – Justin Swanstrom

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