STREET OUTLAWS LEGEND RETIRES – Street Race Talk Episode 367

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  1. It's 4 hours long at my house in NC it's on from 8 till 12 it's so long I watch half of it Monday night record it so I can watch the rest of it the next day

  2. Man Sim, I wish you would stop complaining about the time. It makes it seem that your a young whiney person. Please be cool and do not be that guy.

  3. You also have to realize the drop in ratings could be due to streaming, we don't have access to those analitics you have like spectrum app, discovery plus discovery go, and streaming is more popular than last, so the total combined stats is what will determine what we get next year, I like the longer episodes but that is my personal preference.

  4. Could it be down to the percentage of overall viewers? So while the great 8 had less viewers it had a higher percentage of the overall viewership.

  5. I agree the great 8 at the beginning is perfect. Along with the points! Meaning the great 8 race’s actually matter! Keep that and go back to 2 hours on the main show and we are golden! I can’t ever stay awake to watch the final race. Oh let me toss this idea in the hat, profile a single driver/team for each race, a different team each week. Keep some of the standard pic ups and pit talk but split the time with the driver profile. I’d like to see Murder nova toater blowing up and those guys trying to get to the track, or Scott Taylor get in a wreck on the interstate, let’s see Team fireball swap a complete engine who does what how long does it take and fit that into his weeks profile. And what about Body and Body jr. We don’t know much of anything about their program. And what’s wrong with bird man and Larry Larson? Those guys never make it to the 3rd round anymore, why is that? And Kayla’s team won multiple races who even are they??? I’m happy to see racing anywhere you cut it so keep up the great work!

  6. I honestly feel like you need to move on from the ratings… its like you trying to make content… I use to love coming to watch your things but now its just numbers numbers numbers… use that time to give us more news about the outlaws

  7. Sim i watch billy and tommy word on the street podcast with beater bomb and he said about that mega cash days he didn t show the best himself but the way the rules kept getting changed and they letting them test the cars for 3 days to and more less setting it up for the big names to do better i hope boosted does come back out he out on the real streets like he been doing this year

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