Street Outlaws Birdmans New Car – Street Race Talk Episode 242

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  1. I really enjoy watching Farmtruck and AZN on the 405, I thought it was great when they made it to 8 on the list. Plus what made the show funny was the pranks they did, then when others pranked them back. As pranking others, I think it helped relieved tensions between other racers and any stress they were going through trying to figure out issues with there set ups.

  2. Sim, I would really think birdman bought that car because it was already done and built by an amazing chassis builder. The best chassis shops are super swamped right now. I know mickeys chassis works is booked for 3 whole years. So instead of spending forever building a chassis he bought one finished. All the time not being able to film and race would hurt bad since this is what these guys do for a living now. Also looks like that hole could be from a scoop for a nitrous car, without the scoop actually on it

  3. Sim, you didn't mention the DragWeek replacement event…. RaceWeek 2.0!! Please give a shout out to the RaceWeek 2.0 organizers for stepping up and filling the void of DW2020. Look out Oklahoma and Kansas!

  4. Sim, you are correct, don't hound Chief because he is a busy man. Chief is not shy, he'll reach out to you when it's time. I love your videos, keep up the hard work because it always pays off!

  5. Hey great stuff sim man I can't wait to see farm truck and azn new show it looks like it's going to be badass and with Jeff Lutz and lutz jr crazy builds are coming. It's great to hear that 405 are back at it much love to chuck and his family. I also think another 405 interview would be awesome maybe murder nova and phantom or dominater just to mention a few. Birdmans new camaro does look sick i think he's definitely putting that hemi back in just not sure if he's going to be t.t. or procharged as usual awesome job sim let's go 👍👍👍💯💯

  6. You're way off Sim you can look at that car and tell it used to be a nitrous car with a hood scoop mounted to the intake if it had a set of throttle bodies on it but if it had a tunnel ram with two carbs on it then more than likely the hood scoop was mounted to the carbs if it was a blower car the hole in the hood would be more uniform to where the hole was cut out around the blower and not in the shape of an almost perfect oval

  7. Birdman will more than likely go back with the Hemi for the engine and either Procharger or a massive single turbo. He should've bought the C7 Corvette that is for sale on Fuel Tech's website for $235k it has a Proline Hemi in it with a M&M 2speed powerglide and dual 102mm turbos and it is powered by Fuel Tech front to back with the FT600 and it holds the Fuel Tech hub dyno record @ 5200+hp and the RVW mph record @ 220mph and 3.50s in the 1/8th on 315s and the Corvette was bought brand new from the dealership and the chassis builder took the body off it's original frame and put it on the built 25.1 Chromoly chassis

  8. I enjoy your videos very much. Look forward to each and every Street Race Talk, to get updated on what's happening on the street scene. Kudos 👍!!!

  9. I have been watching you from the beginning. Your nothing but FACTS! You dont adress anything unless it's fact drivin. Keep on moving forward!

  10. Sim farm truck and azn should build a mud truck with the fiber glass body that would be awesome go to Florida and show them boys up down there

  11. Would like to see you talk a little less about 405. And more on what JJ or Kye Kelly are doing. Both those guys are more like us regular guys.

  12. Dude your at like a level 26 .. bring it down to like a 6. Seriously man i have to crank my volume down to watch your videos bro. Good content but ypu dont have to scream and be so animated to talk about drag racing buddy. Relax a little.

  13. Notice now Memphis is getting 405 money there building 405 type cars…BRian Britt assin is now twin turbo..jj buys a 3.90 npk car..Hercules went pro charger..ole heavy pro charger

  14. The only thing I didn't like about farmtruck and Asian show is Asian tends to over act and try to be funny. I think they are really smart gas and think outside of the box if they stick with that I think it will be a great show I tend to watch it anyway

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