Street Car Cash Days | No Foxbody’s Allowed

Street car shootout, 17 cars that include an AWD Civic, Corvettes, Mustangs, and a few others.

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  1. Ok GTR crossed the line but Not satisfied with the final race, people put lot of money and there was alot of suspense, should've done atleast best of 3 for more suspense and thrill and good bets and fair race for both the drivers

  2. let's go one more time and maybe you'll understand. You can't beat a 4×4 at 0-400m. To beat it you must have 5000 horses and more (dragster top fuel etc…) and it must be very well set up…for this reason 4x4s must run only with 4×4. can we understand this?

  3. All relative. Those stangs with the slicks, a Tesla, or whatever that likes going in a straight line for all of 9 seconds would get buttfuked at Sebring by a stock M4 or Porsche. Quarter mile racing is like going to a golf course and only using 1 club in your entire bag. Doesn’t test full capability of the car and damn sure doesn’t test the driver

  4. Am all for the gtr and its my dream car but hiw tf did the guy lose?😂 those mustangs, especially the grey and green one were wilding, all that driver needed was to stick his lane since he had the most stable car lol. Game is game! I had fun watching this😃

  5. Green avoided tooooooooo late he was already spinning off GTR was goneee buddy!!! GTR obviously won regardless if he went to the left lane. BS rACemAstEr pathetic.

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