1. GOD DAMN I LOVE hearing that thing run. I just got caught up on that Grave Digger build and the most enjoyable part was hearing it running around in the yard. Thanks for creating this engine. I'll put a couple on my Lotto list.

  2. the money that these guys put into these cars is admirable! they drop 5 grand on those engines and have the balls to drag em!?! omg if my 5000 dollar rc engine blew up i would cry like a baby for days! these are not toys……DO SOME DONUTS!

  3. Itโ€™s not even close to a real top fuel funny car. Wrong engine entirely top fuel use ONLY HEMI ENGINES DUEL MAGS. Now saying that ur rail is one bad ass piece of machinery Conley makes the best scale v8โ€™s in the world and to own one makes u a top notch racer and a bad ass I envy you and your dragster

  4. Pretty nice engine stand with wheels. But that's all it is. So tired of all these videos of watch my engine run and maybe I'll even rev it. Drive the thing.

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