Soo Much Rubber! How I Remove Burnout Build Up on Goliath | Daddy Dave

Every wonder how much rubber builds up in the back of Goliath after all my big smokey burnouts? Well today I’m going to show you where all the rubber builds up, how to get it off the car, and we will weigh it together to see just how much build up there is after a few passes! Any guesses on weight? Comment down below before you watch the video.

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  1. Love this kinda stuff! May seam trivial to some but I find that shit interesting. Thanks for posting and post more and I’ll keep watching liking and commenting

  2. Dave have you ever thought about using Plasti Dip??Its a peal able paint that comes in a spray can and when its time to clean the rubber off you just pull the Plasti Dip and it comes off clean! No scraping and you can put it anywhere and doesnt hurt anything.It might make your life a lot easier and not so messy!!

  3. We used to coat everything with WD40 before every race makes the rubber wipe right off with a rag easy we did it after ever race which was basically almost s eryday, rubber used to get on my rear quarters I couldn’t afford to tub my car out so the tires stuck out of the wheel wells a bit we never had any problem with rubber I raced for 30+ year 3-4 nights a week and test and tune on Thursday I put a lot of pass’s on my car in a season racing NHRA points/nationals and racing IHRA

  4. Could you use a vinyl wrap with a light adhesive, similar to the big head wall decals. You could easily remove and replace it. Probably more work than it's worth. Took you 15mins. Probably take longer just to reinstall new vinyl

  5. Good afternoon Dave, I always root for you guys when I see you on TV unfortunately I missed your Boise Idaho Firebird track race I found out about it today it was going on and I live 150 miles away. But the real reason for this comment is there is a scraper that people use taking decals off of their RVs I know I've done it. It's a heated scraper that may be something you would like to check into. Keep up the good racing. I'm the guy that sent you a picture of my Nova back in the day and it was ugly yellow

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