Someone Get This Guy a MAN CARD! 1500HP Stick Shift GTO!

Someone Get This Guy a MAN CARD! 1500HP Stick Shift GTO that he DRIVES from Canada! Not only does Rich drive his stunning 1965 Pontiac GTO from his home in Alberta, Canada, he makes detours along the way to stop and meet up with friends and competitors! With 1600 miles on the clock BEFORE 1320Video’s Rocky Mountain Race Week had even begun, Rich had already proven his dedication to getting some seat time in on this new setup because anyone with 1,000HP+ behind a stick shift transmission can tell you that it’s definitely not a walk in the park! Which is why this video is SO. DANG. AWESOME. Since not only Rich and his GTO are running a high power + t56 6speed combo, but his buddy bill is as well in his twin turbo Ford Fairlane 500! These two BADASSES drove their race cars from Bill’s house in Colorado, and all through drag week and back! Both Bill and Rich not only proved that the stick shift sport is still very much alive and well, but that they are not scared whatsoever to turn a wrench on their cars at any point! Armed with only the parts they brought, their eccentric spirits, and the love of the sport, they both had a BLAST banging gears all over the midwest! These two cars were easily some of the weeks favorites!

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  1. old school, 4000 pounds, street driven, good gas mileage, stick shift, and oh, by the way, 1500hp and 9 second quarters….WTF???
    This is nucking futs!

  2. This was such great coverage man! For us that had these cars in our youth, seeing this kind of tech/engineering on them with today's tech gives me ideas of doing this as well. Totally cool.

  3. If that GTO was to go after a lower ET, he's going to need wider, stickier tires. It is cool to see those cars fighting for grip all the way down the track.

  4. I am preparing to do the same thing. A race car you can drive to track. It is a 1970 Pontiac LeMans with a 671 blower and 2 FITECHS on top. that should work don't you think. Thank for the info.

  5. You're absolutely shiting me man. 21 mpg? And stock trucks barley make that with all the emission crap and mpg technology they have. All that crap is a joke.

  6. I can't count how many people look down for a handshake after an interview… you guys might have to start when you're anywhere near the south. It's a thing down here.

  7. Honestly, its so bad ass watching these classic muscle cars get turbo power and 6 speeds. Honestly, the 60's dont have shit on the modern HP wars. What a time to be alive!

  8. That's the way I raced. I drove to the track , raced , then drove home. The best part was driving to work on Monday with my ET still painted on my windshield. 1967 Mustang Fastback 428 CI 4 speed. It ran low 10's with street tires. Oh to be young again.

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