SLOW CAR CASH DAYS – Midwest Street Racing!

SLOW CARS ONLY! This Midwestern CASH DAYS is put on for straight up, no bull, Street Car Street RACING! With no tire rules and only an 800hp cap, this event brings out some of the midwest’s most cutthroat REAL STREET racing from REAL STREET cars! From Nitrous small blocks to Twin Turbo setups, this competition isn’t about how deep your pockets are, but a measure of how much you can do with less! Between dodging the cops and fighting through competition, all these racers we’re just down to have a little fun because that’s what it’s all about. No matter who the winner was, not a single one of these cars really fits the definition of slow!

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  1. Fully built fox calls out factory camaro with just an after market s/c then gets beat🤦‍♂️ fox had all the advantages in the world a

  2. The no tire rule kinda kills it for me. I'm sorry but it's still not a streetcar if you have a wheely bar and rear tires almost 2 foot wide. This is still a deep pockets event only.

  3. Arm-drop racing isn’t some serious bullshit. Might as well bet on a coin flip because arm-drop is just as much a matter of luck as the dang coin.

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