Slash Dirt Oval Racing! | Traxxas Modified

Learn how to modify your Slash by clicking here!

The Traxxas Slash vehicles used in this video were modified with the Avenger 3.0 body kit from Evolution Racing Concepts. You can learn more about that body kit here:

Additional Body Options:

Shot at Wild Bill’s Raceway in Irving, TX. Check them out!

Nothing beats a Traxxas Slash for versatility and all-surface fun. For this build we’re putting our hex drivers to work on RC’s most popular truck, the 2WD Slash. Follow along as we convert everyone’s favorite short-course machine into wild n’ woolly dirt-oval (aka “MudBoss”) racer complete with an “East Coast Modified” -style body. In addition to totally transforming the appearance of the Slash, the boxy body creates major downforce to help you go fast and turn left like a pro. We went with Evolution Racing Concepts’ Avenger 3.0 body for this project (which includes the required “middle” body posts and a front bumper). If there’s already an oval-Slash scene at your track, you may find other bodies are popular too.

Professional drivers on a closed course. Do not attempt.


  1. i want a traxxas rc car i have 1 rc car from fastlane for christmas but i really want traxxas since i live in lithuania and no traxxas dealers 🙁

  2. I have had many 2wd & 4wd Slash rtr rigs! I have also turned many Rustler's into Slash l.c.g. rigs!! So now that I can no longer buy any muscle car bodies from Parma/PSE, I have to ask you Traxxas. Is it possible that you could start making some Short Coarse muscle car bodies??? Ford, Chevy, Mopar, something along the lines of what you have done for the TRX4. With the Defender, Bronco and now the Sport. But in the Short Coarse realm 😉

  3. I appreciate that you guys have come to my hometown in Syracuse new York to the fair grounds your truck is cool any way I have to get back to work setting up restroom trailers kinda gross but pays well I am trying to save up for a rustler but I 12 so not that easy

  4. I would love to see you guys make a dirt specific car. Northeast Dirt modified or Midwest IMCA modified. So many guys buy a short coarse truck and have to convert it. Would love to see a RTR dirt car.. love the product .. very reliable. I spend more time racing and less time fixing great product.

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