Sin City Cash Days 2k21

vegas doesnt miss. 18 of the baddest small tire cars throwing down for $7000!!!


  1. @6:44 mustang jumped? Y’all blind asf..that was a clean hit on the light..they were looking for anything to take the win away on the second race after the initial bad start..shady 🙄

  2. Thanks for starting to putting text overlay with short build specs of cars. That said, just use regular text homie. The font you chose is tough to read quickly

  3. Both those Dastuns are just nasty out of the hole! One would've thought the 427ci would've ran down the much smaller 326ci! But just goes to show more power don't always win! There's so many things, weight, rear gears, transmission! But both guys are gonna win some money with them car's!

  4. Before I can even continue…how tf do you let a car in & then kick him out like you didn't know his setup before 🤷‍♂️…nova was cheated from the get go! I wonder who bitched about it 🤣

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