Shawn Added a Bucket List Car To His Collection! This Thing Is MINT!

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After looking for a few years, Shawn was finally able to added this bucket list car to his collection!

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  1. Change the murder nova for a 454ss pro mod 👌that would be the best tha channel can get murder 454ss with a proline better than ray morton truck

  2. You only have one pipe coming out of the single turbo. Can’t put duals even if it is a V-6 unless you put a set of twins on it. I’m sure you guys knew that, but I vote twins!!! Make that duel exhaust have a purpose!!! Good content guys!! Love your stuff!!

  3. I had a 87 GN in 94-95 built the hell out of it as much as I could back then everything was custom. Best ET was 10.85 127 mph. Transmissions like to burn up alot . And head gaskets when you run 25 psi on iron stock heads.

  4. Hey Shawn; I'm sure you or your Dad already know, but incase not, that white sticker in the trunk with all of those codes also has the paint code. It is at the bottom of the list or bottom of sticker and will start with (U) or (WA). Example (WA 8555) or (U 8555). Just trying to help if needed. Can't wait to see it done.

  5. I had a ‘78 with t-tops sitting on a set of Crager bars and vogues, came out to the student lot after school and my wheel lock was the only thing sitting there, that car was never found.😢

  6. You stole it for 10 grand. Sounds like you guys are doing what most of us do to these cars. Only thing I would suggest is getting rid of the power booster brake set up. Not fun when they go out.(but still hold on too it) Does it still have the single piston calipers on it? Sure with your connections you could get a nice brake set up in it. Or at least do the Blazer upgrade to get 2 piston calipers on it. will be waiting for future vids of this one.

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  8. This is the most idiotic video I've ever seen on youtube. Its a video about a car, and the cameraman keeps the camera on the dudes face almost the whole time.

  9. Awesome car guys!
    Since you are two white gangsters in a White Turbo Limited, you need to reenact that scene from Menace II Society. At least blast some “Love and Happiness “.

  10. The light on the A-pillar is for the Alkycontrol turn on and the light on the right side of the instrument cluster is (power injection) for the methanol. The fan behind the intercooler is factory and it doesn’t really do any good.

  11. I have a question to ask it’s got nothing to do with your tee type but you guys keep blowing up Duramaxes is it just a CP for pump or are you guys actually losing engines curious because I’ve always been a Duramax guy

  12. LOL @ 4:27 mark Shawn!!! E-40 is a rapper. WE4 is an option code for the "light weight" 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T. They were all black with blackout trim and bumpers, with grey interiors and the aluminum T wheel. BTW, 1986 = T-type, 1987 = Turbo T. 🙂 Also, on your transmission, make sure the TV cable on the throttle bracket is adjusted properly. Nice car, super rare, and you got the best interior option IMO!

  13. A friend of mine had a typhoon right after highschool. I loved driving that thing. Typhoon and grand nationals are my bucket list vehicles. Or an impala ss. They are all expensive as fuck. Go figure. I have a 00 bravada thats awd like the typhoon with the same 4.3 just no turbo. If i put a turbo it in it would be as close to a typhoon as ill get anytime soon.

  14. I got a truck Huron Speed t6 single kit and a gt5588 Garret turbo I'm getting rid of Aiden's truck needs it. I sold my Sierra as a roller and the bee owner is in the process of putting his 427 and a f1x with a Alston gear drive

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