Ryan Martin NPK Three Peat Champion Ennis Texas #16

Ryan Martin wins his Third Back2Back2Back NPK in Ennis Texas Oct 29 & 30 2022

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, and Back to Back NPK Champion.

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  1. Congrats Ryan and javi on 3 in a row you adapt and overcome with the rule changes that wasn't in your favor you and your team are second to none I can't wait to see you make it 4 in a row. God bless you all for what you do for the sport and as always be safe πŸ‘

  2. they way all that worked out that last race and the last great 8 I can see why people think the show is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Didn't see team Odom being the one to take you out great 8 to keep hope alive then take you out first round lol.

  3. You and your whole team definitely deserve that 3 peat. Yall are consistently the fastest team/car on the property. Much love and respect πŸ™ ❀️

  4. Congrats Ryan Fireball Martin, we all know it would have been better for you to win on the last race… but ur still the champ baby πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    Awesome season πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

  5. Drew from the bag all season, never asked for a free race/points unlike some other racers, kye, Jerry bird both said they would have laid down on a race to win the championship, wtf. Ryan is a champion for many reasons and deserves it more than most , that’s why everything went the way it did. Fire Ball is a boss !!

  6. Congrats man. Your program, your crew, your car, you….everything is stupid consistent. Back to back to back NPK Championships is unreal.

  7. Congrats Ryan & Family! You ALL so well deserved it!
    I`ve followed you and the crew since the beginning, and cheered & rode with you, thru all 3 championships, praying for every race, to be another win.
    Though i`m pretty old now, and my race days are over, regardless, thank you brother, this really made my day. It`s people like you that keep the dreams alive. Stay well & safe my friend.

  8. A rough final 3rd of the season may be just the thing needed to find another level…no matter how hard you fight it and try to fend it off winning and winning will allow a degree of complacency to sneak in…getting beat some creates a different drive that makes you evaluate and improve..all this being said there were atleast 2 possibly 3 more invitationa races Ryan should have won where he was clearly the fastest car but part failures and a aborted run to stay out wall cost him,that's racing…the true no prep king still rules his kingdom! I have zero doubt team fireball will be faster than ever before

  9. I knew from the moment you ran through the 405 with ease that you were a serious contender for the top spot in America. Congratulations Ryan you the man. Your new nickname should be Americas Nightmare πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½

  10. congrads Ryan and Harvey and team…. been watching for many years since you entered Street Outlaws you have been a role model to racing fans… congrads on the 3 time back to back champ…. you and your team are on point every season… wishing you another epic 2023 season ahead and the 405….πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

  11. First off, congratulations to the entire Fireball crew, especially Javi on another great season. I’m not gonna lie, the last 4 or 5 races I got a little nervous especially when the added points races started but as usual, you guys did what it took to win it again .

    Secondly, as hard as it is to win 3 straight championships in ANY sport, you actually could’ve won 5 straight ! You definitely could’ve won 4 straight bc no one will ever convince me that Birdman didn’t lift just enough to let Murillo by in season 2. I’ve watched that race dozens of times and it’s pretty clear that at about 400 feet, Finney got out of it and I didn’t see any tire shake or his car moving around. Point is, I saw no reason for Murrilo to get around him.

  12. Great team great family congratulations from a fan you’ll never meet.

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