Hi guys it’s ya boy “KP THE GOAT”

I’m just here to tell you guys that my channel is based on racing but in between that I will be trying to focus on quality over quantity as always thank you so much for supporting!!!

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  1. U probably heard it before idk. But it’s mad dangerous to drive with ur slides off feet by the petals. They can slide under ya brake petal and yea… Just lookin out drive safe brodie🤝

  2. how you know is a redsport? i beat g37 easily with my stock q50 redsport i mean i dont have anything against g37 i had one their fast but redsport is another league probably you race the regular 300 hp q50t thats a race for a g37

  3. Stfu with the “no cap” bro thats all you say. No cap. No cap. Sheeesh. No cap. No cap. No. Cap. No cap this car look good from the back no cap. No cap. CAP? NO. I’m so tired of yo ass. Expand your vocab, no cap. Chose to be different then everyone, no cap. That truck bigger then a d*ck, no cap, SHEESH! You sound mad dumb, no cap.

  4. I nva drive D might want to change that with these gas prices and what springs u on getting some swift springs and KYP strut’s installed now can’t wait. Yo it started raining while I was watching your vid😂

  5. Bro, I like your content but almost unsubbed. I think we all want car content but without comparing everything to your Dick. That shit goofy bro. Tighten up. Keep up the good content.

  6. I just got new wheels and tires. Went with 18s not 19s but im rolling with motegi traklite 3 with yokohama advans 275 in the back 245 in the front. Definitely like the setup

  7. Aye bro,im a VQ brother and i HIGHLY ADVISE you to change out your heater Hose connector,the plastic connector will break out of nowhere and you will be stranded.Its in the back of the motor on the right side of the engine.

  8. Find out what's the biggest tire you can run on your back wheels I just put 255 40 19 on my g37 and it feels way better but fire video gzz 🔥🔥🔥

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