Racetracks are DYING. Here's how we save them. | WheelHouse

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America’s racetracks are disappearing; either unable to pay the bills or under attack by complaining neighbors. So how much does it cost to run a racetrack? And what can we do to save them?

Hosted by Nolan Sykes
Edited by Alex I. Rodriguez
Animation by Alex I. Rodriguez
Written by Nolan Sykes
Directed by Alex Rodriguez

WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.

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  1. So are you gonna go watch some racing this weekend? Find an event near you and let me know where! Let's get out there and save our tracks!!!

  2. I heard the same reason that people in Texas dont want people from calli moving their lol. If you dont like where you are moving to then dont move there.

  3. Have the Laguna Seca owners considered complaining about the annoying neighborhood nearby that's messing up the natural view from their historic track?

  4. Just seen the Video right now. Sry for that, but I think u guys are actually right. The Track was there before they moved close to it, so people should shut the f… up.

    Nearly the same happened to my favorite Bar in Berlin. The Bar is there for about 12 yrs, some yuppies from south germany, probably those pesky Bavarians showed up and Started complaining about the noise…rly f…ers? If u dort want noise, dont move into a City and rly dont Move on top of a Bar….what a bunch of idiots ruining Our most beloved places…These are the people u wish a bag Full of Poo on their doorstep on fire…that rly makes me Angry AF…🤬

  5. Step 1: buy house for cheap because it’s next to a race track
    Step 2: complain incessantly about the noise until local government shuts down track
    Step 3: sell house
    Step 4: profit

  6. The shit about Laguna secs really pisses me off!!! IF YOUR GONNA COMPLAIN ABOUT NOISE DONT FUCKING MOVE NEXT TO A FUCKING RACE TRACK!!!!! And also can’t those idiots just find simple ways to live with the noise??? Like I know many people who have lived right next to railways for a large chunk of their lives and they’re not gonna shut down those railways anytime soon

  7. As far as the noise level. Some towns have noise ordinances the track I opened had a 85 Db level. I would go to the property line and use a decibel meter to check the noise level. The loudest cars are the ones running motorcycle engines. They ran 1000cc engines. I did find them to be past the noise level so I tried to tell them to make them meet the 85 Db level and they complained so, I told them not to come back. After all they didn't pay to build the track and it was not their problem. Funny thing is I got a call telling me they made them meet the noise level. funny. As far as the insurance. We only ran 4 cylinder and below. This allowed me to run small car engines mostly it was motorcycle engines though. This allowed me to buy a different type of insurance. I had one plan that I paid on a per car basis that was the most economical way to go. So it was maybe $10.00 per car or kart. It also covered the property insurance as well. We had someone go to the hospital maybe 3 times per year and everyone in the pits only paid $5.00 insurance fee. I think if I had someone who opened another track and had similar concerns it would have saved me a butt load of money. Good luck to all the racers it is a ton of fun. Good luck to the owner as well.

  8. Every track should have carts, and aside from maintenance days be open 24:7, have sound treatment and less stupid laws and we should be good.

  9. >moves somewhere they don't fit in
    >votes and complains their way to making it how they want

    This is Unironically the biggest unspoken problem in this country as a whole.

  10. This is 2021 and streets are becoming more string Karen's can move out because of the noise so I say Push Karen out leguna Sega I love racing in Forza motorsport 4 so i say get the Karen out of the Racetrack cuz this is not worth it's never worth it

  11. Funny when Karen's see people street racing.. they'll comment to bring our skill to the tracks.. they forgot that we ain't got no tracks no more because of them…

  12. Racing is my passion. When I finally acquire my dream car and build my dream track car I will definitely go often to a local track. Sadly tho the GTA where I live does not allow tracks cuz it’s a big city and the noise bothers people so the closest non oval track to me is 2 hours away. Still willing to go that distance on the weekends tho!

  13. All these points are absolutely true. There's a saying in motorsport that goes like this: Ïf you wanna make a small fortune from racing, start with a big one!" We had a similar situation with people who built expensive mansions in an exclusive estate across from Kyalami international race circuit knowing that this circuit is world famous hosted several races and track days a month. Some of these luxury home were built with terraces facing the race track in order to to see the circuit and watch the racing for free. A few years later people started complaining about the noise and noise days were introduced making the use of the circuit so expensive that track days here are 300% the normal rate!

  14. It would really help if the local counties got involved and just zoned a specific area in the community for motorsports. Probably depends on the community and state you live in, b/c not every city is gonna be open to that idea BUT; for those that are and have a rich heritage of racing could be a good idea. I mean, they built skateparks for punk kids-which don't cost as much as race tracks-but you get the idea? Right? lol

  15. More people want to be involved. They should have sections where people get to mess around
    Sports aren't what they used to be… genuine people but sponsors are corporatist scum that kill individualism… people can't speak out without being lashed out at.

  16. I blame NASCAR and race crates only in entry level classes, the classes that people used to build their own Engines. Racing is the new golf. Only for the rich folks. The crate engine killed all the local sponsors for classes. Machine shops, speed shops and engine builders used to sponsor the prize money for the sportsman mods and lower classes. Now the 602/604 race CRATE only rules have forced all those businesses to which equals no prize money. I raced against Bj MCLEOD at Orlando speed world for years. When Eric Almirola came from karts to strictly stock. His grandfather came to me to show him how to get around the track using my nephews car . I had won the championship in my first year and went straight to rookie of the year in super late the following year 5th in points at Orlando SPEEDWORLD. I was contracted to run another full year in supers and a partial Hooters pro cup series. But broke my neck in 2004 at USA INTERNATIONAL in 2003 during a test session. Then a 2nd major crash in the BRIGHTHOUSE SERIES 100 super late race was hooked in the right rear and ended my career

  17. I know how to save the race tracks … claim them as historic monuments for the history of California like the missions also why don’t we start having car meet only at race tracks like we rent out a track somewhere and have a meet a car show vendors and a race kinda how nascar did back in 2005 with tailgate parties in the parking lot of Fontana or the drags in Pomona or even history at laguna seca

  18. Why should I drive on a race track when I can buy street legal race cars now. No need to fantasize about a F1 car when super cars today are faster. You basically explained in this video that no one is interested in racing and it doesn't bring enough money. The race is so boring and most fans fall asleep at the track. The only good parts is the first corner because of the accidents and the last lap. It's a sport that's hard to get into without rich parents and alot of cash. All factors leading to little interest.

  19. There is no race track in my city, but there is one in the neighbor city. I used to go watch races there. I saw bikes, classic cars and touring cars racing. When covid came I stopped, but I want to build a race track in my city. I just don't know how I'll get enough money. Sad.

  20. I know im 2 years late, but we have a local race track here right next to the town and a school, but no-one is complaining cus we, as finns, love racing

  21. This stuff is basically like someone moving next to a theme park that’s huge like magic mountain near apocalypse and riddler and complaining that they are to loud because it’s wooden what did y’all except

  22. I don’t care what form of racing your in the only way to keep your track/tracks alive is to bring people with you and you need to attend most of the events. That seems to me to be the best way to keep racing as a whole alive. Too many people only go a couple times a year. And drivers flake out and don’t attend all the events. We all need to make the track a weekly activity.

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