Pro Mod Eliminations – Snowbird Outlaw Nationals 2021 – Full Version

Pro Mod Eliminations at the 50th Annual Snowbird Outlaw Nationals, Bradenton Motorsports Park, Sunday December 5th, 202.

This is the full version, where I left in the burnouts, idling etc.

Here’s the shirt version with racing only:


  1. Thanks for sharing & as for recording burnouts , backing up, full staging well…that’s the ONLY way I shoot , checkout my Dragracing videos on my channel when you get time, I want viewers to feel like they are actually at the track ….I have 3 more videos to still upload from last months NHRA FINALS in Pomona BUT go head & checkout my videos, start with my pitwalk at the 2021 NHRA finals in Pomona….all my pitwalk in Pomona was shot in 4k@60fps……wait till February for the NHRA Winternationals I will add a few more new ideas to my video shoot 👍

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