1. Keep up the good work there Mike. When you get some time can you give us some updates on your race cars so we can follow along with
    your progress. Remember the more content that you put out the more viewers you are going to attract which equals more subscribers.
    Mike Murillo racing season 2 & season 6 CHAMPION !!! Just thought I'd throw that out there. Good Luck this year & bring it home…

  2. I know this video is focused on the PRI Show, But is it true that you Will No Longer be running BBF Power ? I thought i heard that you jumping on the Hemi Bandwagon too. Pro Line, Noonan, BAE, or whoever's. Is it True ? I know you said you picked up couple hundred HP going to a "C" Headed Combo over the Trick Flow A460,s which i believe you were using in previous seasons. I hope it's Not True but you gotta do what you gotta do. Two time NPK Champ running Big Ford Power, i know you can definitely make it Three time Champ with Ford Power. I know Jon Kaase can come up with something that'll run with the All Billet Hemis. Just letting you know, there's Lots of us that Bleed Ford Blue when we get cut, i Always knew you did too, I've been watching you for Many Years Racing, Always Ford, until now i guess. But i do understand, gotta go with the Flow. Just seeing what Kayla did switching to Pro Line, from Semi Hemi Ford. I'm still gonna be a fan, but would Love to see a Ford based Set-up under the hood.

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