Pontiac Trans Am Firebird V8 2000HP BURNOUT SOUND ACCELERATION

Custom built 2000HP Pontiac Trans Am Firebird 8.0l V8 procharger in drag racing action. Hello and welcome to the Car Acceleration TV youtube channel. The Pontiac Trans Am Firebird has an unique sound and made for drag racing. Unfortunately, the TRANS AM had some problems on the Zerbst racetrack and couldn’t set any record times. The best times are 7,891sec and top speed of 293.03km/h at 1/4 mile .Enjoy drag car with burnout and V8 exhaust sound.

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The 1969 Pontiac Trans Am was the first of this legendary line of Muscle Cars. The Firebird wasmade by the American automaker General Motors (GM) under the Pontiac brand. During the time GM was developing the Chevrolet Camaro, it was decided to develop a Pontiac model based on the Camaro. GM designed the two cars in 1966 and 1967 as competing models for the Ford Mustang during the muscle car era.

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  1. Pretty sure the face on that car look like it wants to literally kill you.

    The exhaust didn’t just tip the cone over it blew it across county lines.

  2. Nice, but it only drives in a straight line come on Americans make rally cars or make somthing that blows everybody away and not just a cone . You trow all your money into somthing that onley can drive in a straight line. Make somthing that can do all terrains and I don't mean a jeep………

  3. I went to a show where they had a corvette that produced 2000 hp & we stay until the show was over just to hear the engine & we were lucky enough to stand where it went by us, not gonna lie the cement was shaking with us

  4. For that car to run that number, 7.90 and make 2000 HP the car needs to weigh 4400Lb,I think it weighs less and makes less HP, what ever it makes it's still a "Butt load of Power" Chevy or Pontiac Motor??? I think 8.0 is 488cu in??? It'll out run my car, 3600LBS 1500HP 8.10ET, street car, (barely) can't go to far, 4 miles to the Gal…E85

  5. yup sounded just like a normal pontiac starting up…. ya gotta warm them up with the starter… That burnout sound was dubbed in…. hahaha

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