Pit Pass at a NHRA Race Weekend – Engine Power S6, E12

Meet the graduates of SAMTech who have found a home in NHRA racing.

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School of Automotive Machinists: The School of Automotive Machinists & Technology (SAM Tech) is a provider of machining and technical education training for students seeking careers in the high performance racing industry.
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ARP: ARP is the Official Bolt Supplier to Engine Power

Matco Tools: MATCO Tools are the Official Tool Supplier to Engine Power


  1. Absolutely love your youTube channel and watch every one…..But the narrator sucks green donkey meat trying to make his voice sound tough or exciting. Either get some testosterone or someone else to do narration.(initial narration, not the guys in the show). Other than that, really great video. Two of my old students are now spinning the wrenches for major drag teams. One went to SAM tech and one went to WYO tech in Wyoming. I've seen their work and it stands up to the gaff.

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