Our FIRST Time on the AUTOBAHN! (Germany: EP-1)

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Our first time on the AUTOBAHN! Welcome to Germany! 1320Video’s first time in the land of German engineering and we couldn’t be more excited! Checking out of the racing stateside for a week, We boarded a flight overseas for a tour of Germany on our way to RACE1000! Landing in Frankfurt, we loaded up our rental Skoda Fabio (lol it was the WORST) and let our friend and tour guide Frank take the wheel! Unlike our rental Skoda, Frank shares our passion for speed and did his best to get us into triple digits without running out of road first. Taking in some of the sights and mixing in a little German history, our friends Alex and Frank got us up to speed on German driving culture as they chauffeured us across town. Check back soon for the next “1320Video’s tour of Germany” episode where we take a shop tour of Mercedes-Benz speciality shop “GAD Motors” and go for a ride in one of the best sounding SUV’s we’ve EVER heard!

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  1. in europe we do not have these problems, we always keep the right, and if I ever find someone behind me and I am in the left line I have the obligation to pass it, it's called RESPECT TO DRIVING

  2. so i got a fast car and sometimes i am at the Auotbahn and sombody is driving with 180 km/h i think DUDEEEE get the fuck out you sleeper.
    and i think it is PERFECT hahahahah

  3. 11:55 The COMPLETE opposite of the USA! Our trucks will be haulin' ass at 80-90MPH (140kmh). Granted there are some hills where they need the momentum. But I reckon our roads would be a lot safer if we took after Germany more.

  4. The first time Americans drive a German freeway is to go to a retraining course because they can only drive slowly.

  5. Semi trucks recording mashines do record for 28 days. And no 5 km/h you ain't lose your licence. And if you pass a truck with over 90 km/h you need that overtaking to end un less that 1:45 minutes. Or the recorder will register that.

  6. Kann dem Typen wer ins Gesicht treten? „Leiber rechts überholen, als drängeln“
    Gib dein Führerschein ab du bist eindeutig nicht geeignet a Auto zu fahrn, wennst so an scheißdreck von dir gibst
    Und d amis kommen und wollens nachmachen und fahren sich und andere tot dabei :@

  7. Never a good idea to go that fast when there are just two lanes. I just drive more than 200 km/h when there are three lanes. If one on the right lane makes a mistake it is for sure his last … and yours too

  8. i know im 2 years late but yeah thats expensive: in northwest Ohio where i live 87 aki (92 ron) is $0.718 a liter, 90 aki (95 ron) non-ethanol is $0.848 a liter, and 100 aki (102 ron) race fuel is $1.0529 a liter–0.603euro, 0.712euro, 0.885euro a liter

  9. 03:00: "There are some things you can do, like indicators to the left and like flashing, means get out of the way" – that's a too short explanation by this guy about the things you have to do or which you are allowed to do under certain circumstances. If you want to overtake you have to use your indicator and if you want to overtake somebody outside a town, you are allowed to flash your lights, but not in the way that you ignite a thunderstorm of light or keep the indicator on. The flasher also doesn't act as a "Get-out-of-my-lane-thing".
    08:32: That's what we call a violation of the rule of keeping on the right side of the road in Germany. You are only allowed to use this lane if you want to overtake another vehicle.
    This video is yet another example what we don't need on our highways in Germany. Drivers who intentionally break the rules and think the German highways are a race track, which they are clearly not.

  10. Sorry my English is not so good.
    No Problem in Germany.
    In Germany we parking backwards at this speed.
    But we are all highly trained drivers.
    Without extensive theoretical and practical tests a public independent authority ((TÜV) Technischer Überwachungsverein) there is no driver's license.
    In addition, a driver's license is quite expensive. The average driver's license costs between € 1,200 and € 2,200.
    Motorcycle license costs extra.
    Of course, a truck or bus driver's license also costs extra.
    Truck or bus driving licenses are almost unaffordable.
    Now something positive.
    We have the fewest serious in Germany although we have no speed limit.

    Little anecdote:
    My state-certified driving instructor wanted me to drive as fast as possible on the Autobahn.
    That meant always full throttle whenever possible.
    Although I didn't have a driver's license yet.

    Quote from an american (masculine) friend of mine:
    I must be a really bad driver. Even women tap their foreheads when I drive a car in Germany.

  11. I often watch German dashcam channels. In the comments of that videos all people say that Germans are bad drivers. In the comments under this video Germans show off with their driving skills. So, what ist true now?

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