Our First Road Trip With Uncle Rob For Street Car Takeover! (We Had Some Problems)

Have you ever wondered what its like for us BEFORE you guys see us at events? Now you can see exactly what the road trip is like. Problems we have, Cool things we see, and even a bonus phone call with my dad to talk some history on the Yukon itself! This trip proved to be a great test run for the Rocky Mountain Race Week preparations and trip we will be making later this week. Stay tuned for the next video where we race Uncle Rob and grudge race Kyle from 1320 video in his Yukon Denali XL!

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  1. 🐶🐕OK… I'm going to give you the best advice for traveling with Dogs.🐕🐶 your truck traveling across the pavement creates static electricity. the dogs nervous system is ultra sensitive to this. put a weighted ground strap (rubber of any kind) anywhere on the truck and one on the trailer, just so it hits the ground every once in a while. My Ridgeback never stopped puking till I did this!!!

  2. I love driving through Kansas too, I’m super pumped to see you guys in great bend Saturday! So worth the 2 1/2 hour drive, that is..if my parents let me

  3. HAHA I was in that exact same place last week and took the same route around the traffic! There was a section that we had to take a dirt road. It worked like a charm.

  4. Ive been following you for a long time! your time lapse of the road in NE was right through the county I work in! I work that road a lot, sucks i missed seeing you go through! Anyways, I love the quality content you put out, not only the car stuff but just general life stuff. Keep it up and I hope to meet you soon!

  5. Truck and trailer guy checking in. Sometimes all you can do is throw on your blinker and start to slowly merge. Make them let you in lol

  6. In the small town you passed through at 14:40 there’s a piece of wood on a boarded up building that says “it’s comming” we always stopped and took pictures at on the way back to Omaha from Topeka Kansas drift events.

  7. Totally do the same shit with traffic. I'd rather see new stuff then sit in interstate traffic.

    I did the same thing with tiger king, game of thrones, Titanic etc. 😂

    Yeah you have to make your own lane sometimes when towing cause people are dicks.

  8. Whats up guys. I've made dozens of comments. I sure miss the good ole days where yall could respond to comments. Love yalls content. Keep it going.

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