Old vs New Muscle Cars Drag Racing

Classic muscle or modern ?The best of drag racing,Hellcat,Chevy Chevelle,Dodge Charger,Corvette Z06,Camaro SS,Mustang GT,Chevy Nova,Shelby GT500,ZL1 Camaro and more,Top speed,sound,acceleration of muscle cars.


  1. Hahaha that big-n-ugly '57 Chevy run was weak as fuck! I can get a better 1/4 mile time on a riding lawnmower!

  2. They all look good. but modern tech needs implemented in the older ones before i daily them. the new ones would work great!!!! 11's or 13's. dont care

  3. The older cars take a lot more skill to drive and they are running off of the motor in most cases! Take the superchargers off of the newer ones and you don't have much, not to mention durability should I really have to go there? We could go all day with this bullshit, but give me a 1960s early 70s muscle car any day over these new tin cans! The new ones just don't feel like the old ones did! Manual clutches, manual brakes, that is why a lot of the older ones didn't survive you had to have skill to drive them LOL!

  4. Im 65 years old. I got a laugh out of this. The “old muscle”.had the same motors as the new. The stock old couldn’t compete against the stock new. In my high school days kids including myself couldn’t afford a new muscle car. We would build with whatever we could get. A lot of stuff came from the salvage yard or someones wreck. If you could afford an Edelbrock high rise manifold or a holly four barrel carburetor you were the coolest kid in school. We had no garage, no computers, no torque wrenches, and no nitro. (But we did have 8 tracks) 😂 Now kids go down to the dealer, and sign on the line. They go down to the audio store and have speakers 2’ in diameter installed for them, and they have a car that looks and sounds like everyone else’s.
    I have a little admiration for the kid with an old beat up four cylinder car with a stove pipe on the end of the tail pipe.
    That’s the rant from the old guy. I’ll go back to my rocker.

  5. Anything newer is really boring to me. Even when you see them in car shows, people just walk on past them..
    Of course you can make anything super fast if you add highly technologically advanced turbos and super chargers. I mean what do you think is going to happen?

  6. What’s cool about old cars is that there were more options, every branch in the gm tree made a high compression muscle car besides Cadillac now there’s only really mustang, camaro, or challenger, like I own an olds cutlass and you just don’t see the verity in muscle cars like that now

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