OG Street Outlaws & Lutz Race Cars at Keystone Raceway Park | 2 Days Combined | Walk Around | Passes

Here’s two separate days I combined of the OG Street Outlaws racing and making passes at Keystone Raceway Park with Lutz Race Cars!

You will see some B-Roll Footage along with:
1st Day:
Murder Nova vs DeathTrap
GTO vs Fireball
Murder Nova vs GTO
Fireball vs DeathTrap

Full Day video I Documented of it including the drive in, walk arounds and shots of the track during rain delay, Old school ’60s Track Drying, inside New Tower etc.:

2nd Day:
GTO vs ’57
solo exhibition passes by: Dominator & Monza
KRP Pie Wagon vs Jeff Lutz Tow vehicle

Full Day video I Documented of our AllSquad Grudgement Day of us meeting, the Drive in, Random B-Roll, Racing etc.:

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