Odom Racing vs Chuck 55 Plus Chat w/ Jim Howe!

Street Outlaws no prep kings rolled into tulsa, oklahoma where we filmed Odom racing in his blown gtr. Odom raced in the daily driver class to the small tire class to the future street outlaw class. Quickly moving up the ladder Odom made a name for himself in the no prep scene. In the other lane we have chuck 55 who is from oklahoma. Chuck 55 has raced in the oklahoma top ten list and has won alot with the infamous red 55. But, Odom is the new car in the block and chuck 55 had a grudge match against him. Chuck 55 is known to cut a good tree but in this race both racers got a good light and looked to be a drag race. Chuck 55 was moving to the side and got out of the groove due to traction. Odom wins the race but it was a close one up to that point. We managed to catch chuck 55 go over to odom’s pit to talk about the race. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platforms at:


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  1. I love how racing works first Ryan was whipping everybody's ass with the 481x.
    And everyone had to have that 481x then the Hemi came into play started destroying everybody now everybody's running a Hemi pretty funny how everybody follows the leader

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