NPK Season 6 – National Trails

Well that didn’t go as planned! The crew started the season off in a tough spot. National Trails Raceway definitely kicked our butts. The team had some issues with the car. Did some repairs to it at the track but couldn’t get it ironed out in time. We have a week before the next race! Will they be able to get anything figured out? Subscribe and follow along for the season and see!
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  1. All respect to you guys I like your show and feel love of racing, That said I think you spread your self to thin, focus on GTO and quit wasting time on boats and other distractions Focus GTO GTO and come back kick their ass next time.

  2. Anytime you you raise the Olga you must beat him silly Swan-thing must be put down every time a.k.a. the ogre

  3. Thanks for bringing life back to the trails. They stopped doing Pontiac nationals and others a while back I think cause there’s not enough shut down. I’ve been going there since I was a kid I’m 40 now thanks you guys!!👊👊

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