Nostalgic Drag Car The BarelyCUDA 1968 Plymouth Barracuda gets cage work & a little less trashy


We buy most of our GO-FAST GOODIES from Jegs just because we love that company and we love the folks that work there. It feels like one big family, and with the new investors, Jegs has only one way to go, and that is UP. Your opinions have been heard and Jegs is revamping themselves to better reflect what the grass roots folks what, so go show them love and support.

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  1. As always another project, I like this one, it's different from most ur other project, I can't wait to see what u got going on here, barley Cuda gonna live again🀘

  2. Seriously cool find!
    And cheap!
    Good deal man πŸ‘πŸ»
    Remember tho, stitch welding is stronger than fully welding.
    If I was you I'd just re do the seam sealer after the por15

  3. Why do I like your dad more then you .your funny as shit watches your stuffs but like dad more but love you but like dad more talk less.

  4. Any plans on cutting out the front area and putting the original grill inserts back in? It looks funny with those panels in it. Pretty cool car though.

  5. Going great on the progress of the Barely Cuda! Always enjoy your videos. How did she get the pain all over herself? πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨

  6. Like the car a sheet metal dash and find out a way to hang doors I think that it looks mean the way the rear end and fat tires on the back with the skinnys up front and the best thing is that whatever you do you can make it anyway your imagination takes you and you have not hurt anything love to see it done

  7. I have a 68. I ended up using a dart gt hood (duster body) with the scoop. The front of the hood did need a little metal work to match the nose.. duster hoods are a lot easier to find than barracuda hoods.

  8. Making nice progress on making the barelycuda not so barely. From the mock up I seen on the short the fender whee exit headers look awesome, some side pipe style exhaust would look cool but I'm sure you have something in your mind for that. Keep up the awesome work

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