1. Texas gas is that cheap stfu & you can do whatever you want to your car and with your car. I got some family out there I'm telling them to make room I'm moving. Some one have a car ready for me when I get there. Appreciate it fellas. Some good races when are limpy events not good ha

  2. Great video, I don't mind the TV guys as long as its a street race like this , don't wanna see a TV crew and a producer calling the shots. Like Bobbie being at the pad this year,didn't mind that at all. Keep em coming good stuff. THANKS

  3. Limpy what happens to to a racer that wants to bring two cars?
    he cant drive both cars at once for no trailer racing?? Just asking you know i love what ya do,
    ur the man💪

  4. How does flagging races benefit you I’ve seen you’ve done it for years still don’t have a car I mean why do it if you don’t make a dollar

    Limpy ya gotta come to AUSTRALIA 85 today yup to the beach with me whooop whooop ill watch ya feed on the beach lol whats our petrol $11 per gallon ???? so ya doing fine stay WARM BOYS ill have a beer for ya beater bomb FTW i bet he wanted billy in the other lane lol next time !!! your a class act BEATER BOMB THX

  6. 80% of all oil revenue belongs to private investors and exists in Roth IRA accounts and hedge funds. It's the middle class trying to get OPEC rich that causes high gas prices. If you wanna afford all the gas, take the tax free per diem off a straight job and get that Roth right with proven gas production revenue. Beater bomb lookin nasty as usual btw

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