No Prep Kings Australia Call Out

Tony Webby Webb NPK Australia Call out


  1. Mate if you could beat Cry Kelley in an Aussie SS Torana.. you'd be 🤴.. mate I'm praying for ya to all the gods crossing everything I got for ya.. get ya merch sorted cause if ya win…

  2. I hope they go up against our quick guys that want a piece of them,and not just pick and choose what they might see as an "easy" win……..

  3. Goo day mate your wasting fuel and time on the 405 the real deal racer's in America are Nola Kye Kelly and MSO JJ da boss all you get out of okc is excuses and B Jobs Reaper out

  4. Should be interesting. Hope to see that race. I know Kyes bringing his new street Shocker with nitrous small block. I'm sure he don't make near the power you do but the small tires should even the playing field. Kye and Scott are my favorite drivers but good luck to ya. I love Aussie cars especially Toranas. This Australian NPK sounds like it's gonna he so fun wish I was able to get down there and see it live. Good luck man and stay safe.

  5. Why don’t you call somebody? That’s a real small tire person. All the street outlaws that are coming to see your big tire. People that are running small tires because they need their cars here for the upcoming season.

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