No Prep, Carolina Cash Days, 20 Small Tire Cars

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Shadyside dragway, along with Spoold Media hosted the 6th edition of Carolina Cash Days. They had 20 small tire cars battling it out for some cash! Here is some of the round by round footage we were able to get!

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  1. Congratulations! It is good to see the massive amounts of work really paying off! It is especially cool to see the more budget oriented (compared to some of the competition) car pull off the win! Really appreciate the content!

  2. Way to go John. Great hits!! I can’t speak for everyone, but a 10 minute video with nothing but tight racing got my blood pressure up 😅. I know big Randy is starting to get scared of you!!

  3. Congratulations John on a much deserved win !!!! Your hard work and persistence paid off.
    Anybody know what chassis that Rat Rod is built on ? I'm thinking maybe a Toyota ???

  4. Cars moving pretty damn good!! Just need to change yo fender now lmbo Goad to see ya getting it together John, I figured it was just a matter of time and you’d be back on top💯👍👍💯

  5. I am glad you got the win, people purposely make you wait so they think they can get the edge, bad sportsmanship.👎

    Glad you had the knowledge to patiently wait him out.👍

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