NHRA completed yet another shot-heard-round-the-racing-world moment inside of the last few weeks when they stuck an announcement on their NHRARacer.com site that they have filed suit in the state of California against longtime sponsor Coca-Cola for basically canceling their contract nearly three years early.

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  1. I do find it strange that Coca-Cola, a well diversified company not just reliant on selling soda, can't fulfill commitments and obligations. It is sad and unfair for the NHRA to be in this situation.

    In another video you mentioned how little prize money for a Top Fuel win (and the reduction of that purse). This is a great time to re-invent the wheel. A clean sheet opportunity.

  2. One suggestion….in-n-out burger!!!!! They would have full rights to sale their products at the track…win win btw the young woman that owns the company….a drag racer!!

  3. NHRA Suing Coke………. Very Bad Move. 2020 has been to date a write off for business, from Multi International Companies like Coca Cola to Ma and Pa Corner store operators, this has hurt everybody in every corner of the globe. NHRA do not need to go to a courtroom, try the board room instead and work out a proactive solution between both parties to resolve the partnership between both parties. The NHRA has a foot in the door of the LARGEST Corporation in the world that turned over almost $38 BIllion last year in sales worldwide, if the NHRA play there cards right, they might just learn a thing or two

  4. You people complaining about Coca Cola aren’t looking at the “big picture.” Should Biden win, drag racing will be targeted for elimination in their “Green New Deal” efforts.

    …. y’all had better wake up.

  5. Regardless of the merits of this case for NHRA,Coke can
    probably keep NHRA tied up in the courts for years. Consider the ramifications to the longevity of NHRA should that occur…….

  6. I haven't understood why the payout hasn't gone up for top fuel and fuel funny car. Especially at old races such as the Winternationals, Springnationals say a payout of $150,000 thousand. And $250,000 for Indy for each category.

  7. Bullshit! All that happens is NHRA feather's their nest, and pays their exec's big bucks, while the racer's go broke! The way the sport stands, the economics are insane! who the hell can justify spending that kind of money? And guess what: if sponsors dry up the Pro sport is dead! Change the damn rules, to make it sustainable! ^6 second racing was more fun to watch than this present shit!

  8. I watched the sportsman replay on TV today and you see Super Gas running 2 altereds for the final on the throttle stop half way down the track??? That's not drag racing in my opinion and NHRA has ruined many sportsman and professional brackets. I'm sure the old-timers are shaking their heads also. Good luck

  9. Follow where the fans are. They aren't at NHRA races even before the "virus". NHRA has pushed the sportsman guys to the curb and only cares for its stars. Big money no prep, outlaw, and even bracket racing seems to be drawing a lot bigger crowds than the last NHRA races i have been too. I do hope they figure it out because it has been going down hill.

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