New Personal Best For Aiden in His Chevelle and More Troubles For ShopTruck! Last T-n-T of 2021!

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We took Aiden’s Chevelle and ShopTruck to Thunder Valley for one last test n tune for 2021!

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  1. But it really was good to see you guys out on the streets voice that was awesome that video was freaking awesome we need more of that from all you guys just like how it used to be

  2. Love this video bud. Keep op the killer content. Quick question though is Aiden's torque converter a little tight or is it just geared really tall.. just curious I had one with a tight converter off the line it was real sluggish for a about 1500 RPM

  3. Love Joe with the dart, met him as SEMA years ago, also met Shawn when he was hanging out with chief, glad to see murder Nova taking care of what really matters in life, someone should take example

  4. @187 Customs go have a look at a video in the last day or 2 from Cleetus on Ruby that is also losing crank sensor and it seems they found it to be the balancer having a spot that at hi refs gets picked up by the crank sensor and causing the problem

  5. Aiden needs a lil bit more knowledge on the game and he needs a baby tt to get him ready for the real TT'S but I like seeing his content he gots it all right now a smart friend which is your phantom a mechanic which is like u having monkey and himself aka baby you get on it boys and make a winning team

  6. My 1st turbo fucking was a big one. Going through the finish line at my little 11.70/116 and the car in the other lane blows by me at 7.??/180. i literally said "WTF?" in my helmet as the chutes came out.

  7. Damn!!.. talk about strong genes… how you have father and son TWINS…lol… except for the beard Aiden looks JUST like his dad in the 1st season of S.O…they even have the same body language gestures ๐Ÿ˜„

  8. How cool is it for a teen to go to a T&T with your dad and your own car.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘…this is the type of stuff this country should be about. I remember going to Great Lakes Dragway and helping my dad and my uncles working on their cars. The troubles of society were a million miles away and the only colors that mattered was exhaust smoke,oil and transmission fluid, and antifreeze and the only racecard pulled was called a TIME SLIP. God I miss the 70's-80's.

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