New Orleans Street Racing – WILD NOLA Cash Days!

New Orleans is not a city to disappoint when it comes to street racing. This was our second time at “Da Pad” – one of the most notorious street spots in the US. It has seen so many races, it’s surface is comparable to most drag strips, maybe even better than some. This makes for some of the best street racing in the country, complete with wheelies and some FAST passes!

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  1. Why when a fight breaks out there is always one idiotic annoying woman that takes to screaming like a lunatic giving everybody a headache and making shit worse?

  2. 1320 should have their own video game. Have the whole process of doing a burnout and a way to overheat your tires. Maybe if you don't hit the tree fast enough you get turbo lag on the car or something. Would be sick af

  3. We use to go to those races in New Orleans. I really loved drag racing at one time. Then I met my wife and went to a dirt oval race, and I ain’t look back at it since. I found coming into a left hand turn, straight towards a wall at over 100 mph, and 4 cars wide beating and banging the hell out of each other, was a little bit more exciting to me.But different strokes for different folks.

  4. I've seen more guys get their ass kicked because of their screaming girlfriend getting their attention so they end up getting sucker punched leave the drama bitches at home if it's a ride or die bitch bring her but drama bitches leave them at home.

  5. ight look, drag racing is cool and all but on the streets at 5am when people are still asleep, its not right, those cars make such monstrous awesome noises but it causes sound annoyance to public, by no means am i trying to be offensive but just saying thats why drag strips were made

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