New No Prep Kings Sheriff in Town!!

No Prep Kings racer Jim Howe has come a long way from his season one times. Jim Howe in season one was running an orange camaro that was fast but not at the level everyone else is this year. Enters the new build which looks similar to his older camaro but is blown and faster. Jim Howe debuted the car earlier this year and has not looked back. With the new car getting faster on every pass it was a matter of time before he starts knocking on the door of an event win. And that what Jim Howe exactly did was go through the rounds and finally made a no prep kings final after beating Ryan Martin a couple of times the stage was set. On this particular win Howe did not beat Ryan but has and looked great throughout the event. Check out the video and see Jim Howe put together some solid runs and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Damn shame you got to add weight to Ryan's car just so somebody can beat him. I know it's not just Ryan's car but all of the prochargers. But that's not even a win to me!!!!!! Give someone a disadvantage to beat him. That ain't rite!!!!! He's got 1 invitational victory hardly the new a sheriff!

  2. We will see how man y times he beats Ryan and Daddy Dave, and swanstrom. I not taking nothing from Jim. He's doing alot better, he's got a great program figuring things out. But only because of a disadvantage to the prochargers!

  3. Nobody deserves to start winning more than Jim Howe. The dude is a stand up guy, glad to see him getting his program together. Beating those names is no easy task. Kudos sir. Finally a nice guy who’s not a cry baby finishes first!

  4. Sheriff? Lol. Dude wins his first NPK event and now he’s the sheriff? He’s not even a volunteer fireman. Lol. What’s hilarious is, John Odom, who says in his intro that he has the most advanced NPK car ever built, hasn’t won a damn event, yet his partner has. Yet Odom brags about being top 10 in points at 8 presently. Funny Fact, Ryan Martin probably has more event wins this season than Odom has wins. So much for the worlds fastest GTR and the most advanced NPK car ever built. 😂

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