New muscle cars vs old muscle sound,top speed,drag races and burnouts

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Drag racing between modern muscle cars and old muscle cars.Hellcat,ZL1 Camaro,Camaro Z28,Shelby GT500,Corvette,z06,Chevy Nova,Camaro SS,muscle cars of 60’s and 70’s.Acceleration,top speed,sound,burnouts,the best of drag racing.


  1. GlassTop has it about right… I am 64 and was around when most of those cars were new and running on the road.

    I still have magazines showing their quarter mile times… Only a handful of them were mid to high 13's but mostly all mid 14's AND low 15's… Radial tires were not even around then! I know, I had a 1968 442 auto (w-29) with headers only, and 'cheater slicks' out back. Best I could do at the track was a 15.1@97 ! This was in 1975…. Odometer around 55K at the time…

  2. its cool and all that muscle cars these days are coming with 500-600hp from the factory, but they dont even sound or look like muscle cars anymore. they need to bring back that old school rumble, and old school body designs.

  3. dude sorry I love old school muscle cars and would prefer to have one but the new muscle cars would smoke almost all of them stock and everyone with a brain knows that. but like i said there is nothing like an old school lol

  4. Back in the day they left most of the fun to the people now days they do everything they can before they leave factory. The 69 charger had almost 300 horses and 350 in torque. If they wouldve put a nice exhaust and high performance intake and carburator and a 2. Whatever liter supercharger what do you think they would've done 😂😂😂 they would shred a hellcat

  5. Carberated engines suck. EFI is the best thing that ever happened to automobiles, especially if you’re talking about performance. Old muscle cars are has-beens. Obsolete. History lessons. Let’s be real. The advances in technology make muscle cars of today superior to thier forefathers

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