Nasty Wreck at Street Outlaws Mega Cash Days – Street Race Talk Episode 245

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  1. From what I am hearing “Mega Cash Days” is said to be its own show. Not the season finale of the new season of the 405. No matter how we see this race go down it’s gonna be one to remember for sure!

  2. Why are y’all complaining about JJ being on at least we’re getting something since the Carona hit. You know fellas we could be watching some stupid dumb shit like SHARK WEEK🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Do be happy take what ya get💯

  3. I agree the 100,000 dollar race Fastest In America should’ve been in the 405 seeing how they were the start of the whole show. But someone from the 405 had better win or all the crying pissing & bitching will be for nothing, & they better hope JJ DA BOSS doesn’t win it if he’s out there. If JJ does win I don’t want to hear no more BS about the fastest in America💯💯

  4. With JJ getting Axmans Procharged Nova running 3:90…Bring on any street outlaws:) Let's see who the better street racers are with equal cars! I take JJ…that's all he does:) Keep up your You Tube and I like your enthusiasm. Hard work pays off.

  5. Speedy recovery and nobody cares about that mega race car it never won a race i wouldnt pay what richard thinks its worth big chief built a car in a week that smoked car but im excited to see the 405 come back jj is fun to watch but not every week fora year while the 405 sits on the shelf nope come on back 405 and jj is putting down some passes in axemans old nova

  6. The cash days are in the panhandle of Nebraska, virgin road and a ton of people. The local people are already asking about doing it again next year. Scottsbluff Nebraska

  7. The only way I can stomach watching Memphis any more is record it. I then fast forward through all JJs stupidity and just watch the cars race.

  8. The 405 is responsible for the current interest and popularity in street racing. The OKC characters have given a livelihood to an industry that was near invisible. From the huge jump in TV interest the show has birth new stars and household names. Think of the reverberating uptick in the entire auto parts industry and all supporting businesses. The new interest in No Prep and the shot in the arm each event gives to a local economy. It's still growing and everyone in the industry owes a debt of thanks to the 405 guys and their supporting cast. This is truly an example of a rising tide floating all boats. This time it's a tide of badass cars! Salute Fellas! Good Job Sim!

  9. Apoc as in Apocalypse! Apocalypse Battleship killer from EvE online. but wouldn't fit! thanks for all the likes and responses guys I enjoyed every word~~Keep it up sim little brother…I enjoy all your stuff!

  10. Sim did u see this video goin around of doc and street beast drifting his car into the trailer yet OMG…u got to find it and put it on next weeks show..and if anyone knows about this video please comment…i cant find it anymore….

  11. Do you no which car Axeman sold JJ…. the new Chevy 2 JJ has been driving is one of Axemans old cars. Just can’t figure out which car it is. Axemans old car is twin turbo and JJ new car is procharger. Did they just change it? Do you have any info?

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