My NEW No Prep Kings Car and Engine for 2023 Reveal. Meet JangAlang

My NEW No Prep Kings Car and Engine for 2023 Reveal. It’s NOT a Camaro, but it is GANGSTA. Seeing the new car for the First time at Wizard Race Cars. They did an incredible job. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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  1. Is that look legal…I’m waiting for the the rule skirting to begin. I heard it’s already caused an uproar. Gotta cheat to beat Ryan. 3,2,1 go…

  2. I was always a Kye fan but not my favorite in the earlier years. Minx’s was my dude but here in the last few years I’ve grown to like Kye and how he does things really well.

  3. If you ever need a good mechanic i would like to order my services im from Louisiana i would be my dream to help kye kelly racing.just looking for experience im sure the last i will get at my àge
    Whats the worst that could happen i go home would love to hear from you fellas

  4. Awesome G body can’t wait to see this on the track ,Not to be a party pooper or anything but the correct spelling for the character that Bernie Mac played in Life is actually spelled “Jangle Leg” I love that flick as well ,May wanna get that fixed before NPK season starts ,Good luck to KKR and Lizzy as well!

  5. Reaper just mad he can't beat not a single one of the thoroughbreds in the KKR stable. Haters gonna hate racer gonna race. Kye if I were you I'd challenge him to a grudge race everytime I saw his face, of course you'd drag him everytime but that's the point right!

  6. Down on twelfth skreets in Gadsden Alabama 😎….Dat…Bruick would be be all dat…. AIN'T IT JUST AIN'T IT 😜 lols…… seriously Brother that is Sick…..My Favorite by far….

  7. I'm gutted 😢it's nice but it's nothing like shocker or showstopper which both was gorgeous 🤩. OG shocker was just aggressive looking . Showstopper was just slick and fast as fuck. U should never of sold it until u got the new shocker fixed to how u wanted . 😢

  8. Turbocharged technology grew so fast in the last 10-15 years now that it's peaked sounds like people are going back to the old school and doing The superchargers for the hard launch off the line. Launch control and traction controls pretty nice with technology with damn near unlimited amount of horsepower. Long way from the days of where you were 5 to 8 horsepower was competitive 1000 was a stomp. Now that's factory for a lot of manufacturers if you've got the moolah. I had to work hard to go fast Now you got a work hard to control at speed. 🤣

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