My Coworkers reaction to my Scatpack 1320 is PRICELESS!

Took my buddy Tommy Evans on a quick test ride on break! I think his reaction was hilarious!
Sorry I didn’t get more reactions. We got busy.

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  1. In the end of the day you’re going to keep wasting more money then just buying a hellcat I got a v6 2020 Challanger so I’m just waiting

  2. Red lights? What are those and why do you hate them. I only see Christmas Trees when I'm driving 🤣

    Great vid. I've been wanting to do ride alongs like that with my coworkers but we've all been WFH since last March.

  3. Dude, I always say I am going to drive like a grandma this tank and see what happens. Well… You know what ultimately happens…

    Can't WAIT to have a go in this one… 392 got me drooling!

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