Murder Nova vs Dominator Grudge Race!

Street Outlaw Ogs do battle at the no prep kings event held in boise, idaho. Murder Nova has been doing great this season going many rounds and looking faster than before. On the other lane we dominator who has struggled all season long but still is a threat in any race. This particular race dominator didn’t fair well but still had some strong runs at this track. Dominator took on boddie jr. who just had a fast weekend and it was his weekend to claim. Dominator still does not quit and we are sure he will be back faster in the next event. In the other lane is murder nova who has shown he has what it takes to run with the top five racers of this season. Murder nova has beat some of the best and has a great racing partner in the 405 as they bring some of the fastest no prep cars in the nation. Check out the video and for more no prep action follow our social medias at:


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  1. The video shows dominator kicking @$$ and then at the End the video lets you down and shows Dominator losing at the end of the video….lol….it's all good I enjoy all your videos….Thanks you for all the work yall put in and for all the videos.

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