Murder Nova Small Block Freshened and Ready For The Second Half of the Season! Plus Shop Talk

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Shop Talk and and installing the small block back in the NPK Murder Nova!

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  1. Love the channel and wouldn't say a thing if it was just you and Phatom but with all the kids that work in this warehouse why does that shelving unit and tool box behind you look like they do?…My dad would have kicked my A**…

  2. Converters re hard to perfect. You might need to remaster the neutral drop. It can't be much worse that a transbrake on the trans. Apparently the trick is to bring the rpm up put it in gear let it engage then hit it. Very similar to a high stall speed

  3. Moron Nation to the front baby. By far the coolest group of NPK racers I ran into this wknd in Tucson. Have been a fan since the Midwest days but even more so after finally meeting you guys this wknd

  4. I wonder if you could effect stall speed by altering line pressure in the transmission? You'd need a safe range for line pressure. They have to have line pressure jacked up in those racing transmissions? I thing you can adjust line pressure on a 4l80E?

  5. Easier to win without Chief there! Hate to say but the shows are terrible know. I like the you tube stuff but the discovery shows are so terrible i want ever watch them again especially with jj on them.

  6. Assemble part the easy part?? Mmm if your experienced and know what to look for and how to adjust and measure clearances etc then I suppose yes.
    Not everyone can correctly assemble an engine

  7. Thanks for all your efforts men & family behind the scenes,like allways nailed it again,it's so easy to watch due to just being yourselves down to earth good guys also you allways mix up content fair bit ,to ask us what we want to see is sheer respect as most bases are covered everytime….Can't wait to see your future new cool beasts & engine swaps all the good stuff especially Aiden's Chevelle that'll be a complete handfull, personally myself mostly your slower stuff not that it's slow but yeah 55 , Chevelle,shop trucks , convertible etc normal everyday affordable cars trucks etc.Anyhow thanks so much from ozz keep the dream alive 👍🇭🇲

  8. Why are so many people (I assume grown men) so concerned with what two other grown men do with their toenails? It's a bit weird to be honest.

  9. I love the fact that ya all have went back to the small tire more street car platform it's freaking awesome it's more affordable for the common man or women to enjoy bit ya all are stuck in the whole big tire stupid fast NPK style cars but back the roots stuff is freaking amazing loving it

  10. Sux yall had to work so long that yalls Transition to what-ever yall are Transitioning too had to take a back seat… but yall should be able to finish that this winter…don't forget to pierce your tongues, I hear that it will improve yalls sex lives together.Yall will make some ugly-ass girls, but to each it's on..Maybe use some 4k clear coat, your toe nail paints should last longer..But I think yall will make a Great Lesbian couple….LOL…WTF??

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