Murder Nova Discusses Crash While Testing!

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Shawn talks about the ‘incident’

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  1. What are they doing in that shop? A 68 Camaro with a fox body mustang front end? Its an abomination and must be completely disassembled, sterilized and destroyed!

  2. i rember a long time ago at folsom lake thare was a black nova parked neer the boat launch sayed murder nova the water was coming up and was starting to flood the car me and my friends lifted it and sorda slid it up away from the rasing water i dont know if it was your car or someone elcewe all thout it was to nice a car to let it git flooded and no one was a round and we wer going home to party LOL

  3. You handled it with your own personal best, glad your ok
    A huge fan, your Team 187 is the best 👌
    Have a Great Day 👍
    God Bless You and Your Team
    God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

  4. I didn't think that car could go fast enough to crash. Sorry to say been a big fan of murder Nova but it's hard to stay Loyal when the guy can't win a racks.

  5. I despise the npk show. You guys are all drama and I find it pathetic and adolescent. Everyone knows your show is bullshit. Maybe not the racing but the way you guys rep yourselves.

  6. Aircraft Engineer: -4g? So if I understand that was 4g to the left and it would have been +4g if you hit right side, correct? 4g is pretty mild as attested by the scuff marks. A frontal impact can be well over 30g (wall at 30 mph) if you didn't have crumple zones. airliner seats are only 16G forward rated because… it doesn't matter beyond that.

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