Movie – COPS vs. STREET RACERS! Some Going to Jail & Some Getting Away! (2023)

Cops vs Street Racers Full Movie! Clips all from this channel! Hope you enjoy!

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Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Stay tuned for more videos, car build, vlogs, and more!

Thanks so much for watching!

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  1. In places like that with big meet ups their is always a undercover riding with the groups and report everything people do at each place. The crazy people who the burn outs and racing out on the street or on privet property. Meet up organizers need to find a spot that is ok with that kinda stuff.

  2. If you have to stop being a nuisance they wouldn't come chase you off yeah I don't have any idea if you would not rev the engines up wherever you going to meet at if you wouldn't rather if your engines and act crazy they wouldn't mess with y'all but it is much as you are doing that they going to give you a hard time keep it up they going to impound your car and put you in jail and if you don't get out in 7 days to get your car back you going to have a hefty note to get it back it ain't worth it

  3. Hold up now the owner of the property has to ask y’all to leave and if you refuse then they can trespass you then if you come back that would be the time to arrest

  4. never heard of 14% maybe 15% if they used that much force to catch murder's robbers and drug dealer they mite catch more but then they would have to use there heads and be smart

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