Monza discusses NPK decision and the future of TeamMonza!

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  1. Just an idea, get a group of 405 guys that are not on the current show and do some local races, JJ did one in Sallisaw and sold the place out, standing room only.

  2. Weather you like this guy or not he was No1 on the OKC Street Outlaw List. Pilgrim/ Discovery cutting his pay is a pretty shitty thing to do to him at last minute. To them obviously (its a business I get it kinda) money means more than anyone thats on these shows. Look what happened with Chief and without him NONE of them especially pilgrim and discovery wouldn't be here!!! And they threw Chief away like trash and then sent Reaper of all people out to trash his name!! I feel bad for this man i truly do.

  3. Sorry your not getting what you deserve I guess you need to show up and starting winning I know you can miss seeing you out there .

  4. Should've had chiefs back. Seemed like he wanted to keep things how they were. I'm sure you guys can brain storm and find someone to give you another show that goes back to your roots.

  5. People like you doc Dominator Big Chief even started the show started everything that we watch and love today nobody appreciates what you boys have done for this for sport

  6. Hey. I would be happy to come work with you I found out I got stage 2 month cancer and it be a honor too learn an hang out with you and just enjoy watching someone who deserves it succeed

  7. Lazy drunk bumper cirrhosis liver face can't drive a stick into the ground. Might have sponsors if he wasn't an unprofessional, unpresentable alcoholic piece of trash

  8. I always love watching this guy race in the early years but in any sport if you don’t win you don’t get paid that’s with anything maybe this car will bring you back to the top and get you where you’re supposed to be

  9. Monza I drive professionally, and at the end of the day (600-650 miles) and I'm exhausted, very understandable how you feel when you arrive at the track. Just do the best you can. You and Brandon are awesome. The season when Brandon was really having a hard time,and you said something about stopping because you hated doing that to Brandon. That was heart wrenching, I have 2 boys and a daughter myself,and like you couldn't imagine making them feel like that. Your doing awesome. Thanks much

  10. Npk is OK, but millions of people loved the old show with real street racing! Why doesn’t someone take the power away from mainstream media and give the people what they want!?

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