Modded Hellcats DRAG RACE in the HOOD!!

2015 Hellcat Challenger with Pulley, Tune, and Nitrous Possibly?
2016 Hellcat Charger with Intake, Other Mods Unknown?

Thanks to @Mad_SRT, @Hellcat_Al, and @SloMoe_2SS for some video clips.

2016 Hellcat Owner: @Christian_Z06

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  1. im sorry but these grown ass men dont even know what they are doing they suck at everything from flaging it looks like they twitch they take for ever just to settle a dam race

  2. im just here to say fuck you for that cringy title, might as well put "gone wrong cops called" unsubbed lmao

  3. Yeah, if I'm not mistaken I know exactly where their racing at, but I could be mistaken. I only seen a couple of sinisters videos, they seem cool. Stop all that nigga this, detroit that. Here we race. This is the D. For all the commenters about showing plates, your absolutely right. Just the facts, Bow ties, Blue oval boys stop disrespecting Dodge. They sit on top of the throne alone as Kings of Horsepower, Get over it. Anyway, Unofficial Title. Back to the Future Racing. We're Coming!!! We dont like to race our Mopar Brethren, But it's time to teach y'all a lesson. We respect all American Big 3.

  4. race and old school 1970roadrunner against these cars in a full 1350ft 440 mod to 550 to the rear wheels, 250 shot of NOS with 3 speed torqueflight modified 488's in the rear, these car's would shit themselves. Roadrunner gutted to around 2850lbs w/o driver. None of these cars here are 10 second cars. Just my 2 cents

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