Midwest Drag Week Day 1 – 6 Second Passes in Twin Turbo 69 Camaro & Broken Parts!

This is day TWO of the Summit Racing Drag-n-Drive event! Tom Bailey gets 3 passes in with Sick Seconds, we hunt for tools, and lots of action!

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  1. New competition idea / addition to dragweek, make a friend follow you track to track in your most "reliable" rig / project that they know nothing about. Guy who breaks down the most but manages to complete the week wins, lol.

  2. Now its not every day your watchin' a guys youtube and he goes to the old hazard fraud, and you recognize it as your own local one now. Holy smokes! Wish i could have caught the fella, he might of wanted the old K5 that still cant find a round-tuit for.

  3. I Learned About Summit Drag Race Week From You, And Your Videos… I Wanted To Know What States The Drag Strips Are In, Because I'm Down Here In Madison… I Looked At Summit Drag Week's Webpage, But All I Found Didn't List The States, Towns Or Drag Strips…

  4. Thanks for clip of my 32 pickup in the pits build! lol it was great meeting you. Wish we could've made a pass on the last day but the rod gods must've been mad at me. Great channel keep up the awesome content!!

  5. Vice Grip Garage have you ever seen the movie American Graffiti it's got some great classic cars and a bad ass yellow 1932 Ford 5 window coupe it's a great movie

  6. I think that Aussie will love ole Hoss. Your right about one thing that El Camino looks mean gatta lov that. In Canada we don't have Harbor Freight we have a Princess Auto. From the little that I know I think Harbor Freight has more to offer than what Princess Auto has.

  7. Derek I wish I know u was here I would've loved to be there to see u that would've been a dream I sure hope I can meet u in person before I pass I love watching ur vigits I'm deeply saddened I didn't get to meet u in person plz come this way again soon plz all I ever want is to do in life is to meet one of my favorite YT pros an get an autograph on ur hat

  8. Putting fuel in my 74 Gremlin was a riot. The fill tube made a 90 degree 2 inches into the opening. Had to spoon feed that 27 gallon tank. Not fun at 40 below in Minot.

  9. The front window has a Woodward Avenue sticker. Thats here where I am from in Michigan. It is one of the largest Car cruises that happens every year that spans 15 miles or so. Its been going on for many decades.

  10. Derek -you probably got 10 million thousand of those tool kits-you should start a system of draws -where you sign a used kit -and mail it to the person who comes up with the chosen idea for any pject when you ask your viewers for input.

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