Mid Night Club: The story of the street racers who did things differently

Most people associate ‘Mid Night Club’ with a video game series, but it’s also the name of the most infamous street racing gang in history. Throughout the 80s and 90s the Mid Night Club – a select group of extremely wealthy, highly talented drivers – used the highways of Japan as their race track, driving some of the most extreme performance cars the world had ever seen. This is their story.

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  1. Not gonna lie, i feel like this type of racing is more like a flex, street racing should be afordable, those rich guys could just go on a track… Ok, crashing at those speeds is more dangerous than low speed touge, but it doesn't make me respect them more.

  2. This guy is lying. The speed limiter has been released for police cars on the highway. However, if you track it, the criminal may run out of control and involve a third party, so you will block the road without tracking it. Japanese police value human life more than American police.

  3. Most criminal organizations in Japan (Not saying MC were criminals, what they did was illegal) are famous for having ethics regarding the safety of innocent civilians.

    With heads of these organizations being cracked down on though nowadays most criminals are forced underground and you’re seeing a lot more recklessness with zero regard of others these days.

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