Mid 1960's Drag Racing

Mid 1960’s Drag Racing Clips
Sorry for the bad audio from the 2 to the 4-minute mark
This is a fair use video


  1. Dad started taking a friend & I to So Cal drag races, beginning in 64' (after much pleading). Irwindale, Lions, OCIR, OMS, Bakersfield, and yearly comp tickets to the Winternationals. Plus body surfing legendary beaches….not a bad childhood atall ✌😎. Tyvm for another great video (any chance of AA/FA's from early on?? 🤔)

  2. That's a young
    Don (The Snake ) Prudhomme
    in the click bait ,

    He was called the snake because he shifted gears as fast as a snake can strike

  3. Cool footage! I can still remember ( a little) these days! Saw, and got a T-shirt of Don Garlits same year he got his foot blown off.
    Keep up the good work!

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