Lights Out 13 Day 2, Qualifying, Best Pass Ever, No 3rd Gear???

Second Day of Testing and our First Round of qualifying. Today we Made our best pass EVER, but we also had a few more issues…. But as ice cube says, ‘Today was a good Day’ B)

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  1. Good job on the personal best but if you don't watch @John Doc on YouTube you should but anyway he has a 427cid LS powered Buick Grand National with a single 98mm turbo that weighs 2750 and he runs in LDR on a 275 tire not a 295 and the car has LS NASTY across the windshield and has TKM on the doors and he made a little bit over 2200hp on the hub dyno and he has also been a PB of 4.12 @ 180mph and I don't know what class you are in or what your car weighs but for what he has in his engine compared to what you probably have in yours the comparison I would have to say I would have to go with the LS over the Hemi on this one but also way to chop the tree down and you should have TKM in North Carolina go through your engine and see what you can improve on to make your car faster and maybe get it into the 3s because with a Hemi you should have no problem doing so

  2. I also think you should have M&M trans go through your transmission and maybe improve on it as well because I watched the in car footage and I don't know what is going on but I don't think it should go from 1st to 3rd basically because it's only in 2nd for maybe a half a second or less and in 1st most of the time and in 3rd the second longest

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